Cool Kids: Homeware & Accessories For Mini Design Aficionados

Who said grown-ups have all the fun when it comes to design? Meet the stylish homeware and accessories exclusively for youngsters


Just when you’re worried about how to keep the kids amused during the holidays, lifestyle outlet Freyr and Fell launches its own children’s line. Head over to Little Fell to get mini-mitts on designs from Wildfire Teepees, like this monochrome number, which brings a more sophisticated touch to den-making.

£135 from


An ordinary rocking horse just doesn’t cut it for some thrill-seeking tots, making the Rocking Scooter with Italian racing stripes a must for va-va-vroom playrooms. But it’s not all life in the fast lane – sturdy handles and long runners bring stability and safety too.

£58.95 from


Bet you didn’t know you needed one of these in your life. Designer Nikki Kreis is bringing the humble pegboard back with her cool plywood designs. Stamped with chevron, circle and cross patterns, they provide stylish storage and can double as wall art. Nice.

From £125 from


The sky’s the limit when it comes to kids’ imaginations, calling for play date-worthy bedrooms that’ll transport tots to other worlds.

Hanger, £13.50 for two from

Meri Meri’s collection is grouped into Cosmos and Confetti, featuring spaceship mobiles, rocket-print bedding, knitted wall decor and tasselled garlands. There are even embroidered dolls with matching outfits for little ones.

Cactus cushion, £40 from

We’ll be enquiring if they come in adult size…


Disney films don’t have to be the stuff of pure fantasy for little’uns. Promising hours of fun in the pool, these recycled rubber Merfins are hooked on to feet to turn tots into agile mermaids and mermen.

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Not wanting to miss out, we deem them acceptable for adult use too.

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